The End is Near: Twinkies Do Have an Expiration Date

As a lover of all things sweet, I've always been intrigued by the Twinkie. Known for their yellow cake and creamy filling, Twinkies have been a go-to snack for generations. One rumor that has persisted since I was a kid is that Twinkies don't expire. Is this really true? According to Shea Simmons over at Lifesavvy, the answer is sort of yes and no.

In general, Twinkies are shelf-stable for up to 25 days. That’s markedly longer than many other snack cakes but way shorter than the infinite date cited by many. The thing that makes Twinkies last longer than others is that it’s free of dairy products and wrapped in airtight cellophane.


While Twinkies do have a long shelf life, they do eventually expire. But what about the urban legend? Simmons' reporting traces that back to a teacher in Maine who kept one on top of the chalkboard for 40 years. It "seemed edible" but that surely doesn't seem quite scientific to me.