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  • Galactic Starcrasher

    In not-so-surprising news, Disney has announced they're shutting down its Galactic Starcruiser hotel and experience in September. You know, the two-night immersive Star Wars hotel that costs $2500 per night. Here's the short and sweet announcement from Disney. Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is one of our most creative projects ever and has been praised by…

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  • Cooking With Brian Baumgartner

    Brian Baumgartner's character of Kevin from The Office is legendary. There are many reasons, but of course, his chili segment is The One that everyone remembers. Even Peacock put the recipe into its Terms of Service simply as an easter egg to see who'd notice. While The Office is long over, its popularity remains. In…

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  • The Lisa That Started It All

    Every time Apple talks about its history during a keynote, they focus on the Macintosh. Its 1984 debut was industry-shifting. However, nearly every groundbreaking idea it embodied stood on the shoulders of its lesser-known predecessor. The Apple Lisa was a much-chunkier computer released 40 years ago. It was a complete flop. Apple poured boatloads of…

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  • FaceTime For The Birds

    When Steve Jobs debuted FaceTime back on the iPhone 4, it felt like the future had arrived. For decades we dreamed of portable video calls that The Jetsons had promised. Now it connects people millions of times daily. But would that connection work for other species? A fascinating report from Emily Anthes at the NY…

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  • Phone Crocs

    Crocs are all the rage right now. Collabs with 7-Eleven and Wu-Tang Clan are some of the unforeseen ways in which these kinda-ugly clogs have struck gold. Hoping to piggyback onto this trend is smartphone case maker Casetify which has launched a series of iPhone cases that resemble Crocs shoes, with 13-14 holes designed to…

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  • More People Reach the Tipping Point

    Tipping. We all hate it. I've talked about it in the past. It's out of hand and as time goes on, we're seeing more examples of people that are simply over it. Last week I saw CBS Sunday Morning broach this topic. They even spoke to a 'manners expert' who also declared that tipping for…

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  • A Brydge Too Far

    In late-breaking news last week, I was stunned to find out that iPad accessory maker Brydge had closed up shop, ceasing operations immediately. On its own, this is a sad story because I've held their products in high regard. However, the out-of-nowhere aspect looks to be due to the co-CEOs hiding how bad things really…

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  • DPReview’s Shutdown is a Reminder That the Internet is Ephemeral

    I'm the first to admit I'm not a camera buff. When my kids were born I splurged on a Canon T2i DSLR camera because I wanted to take the best photos possible. Those photos look amazing, but I (like most) still default to using my phone to snap 99% of what's around me. I couldn't…

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  • Belkin May Not Matter

    Matter, a common language for smart home tech, faces issues with Belkin pausing adoption. Belkin's devices don't offer anything unique and can become commodities, making it hard to stand out. The company plans to differentiate its products, but it is unclear when.

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  • Pepperoni Hug Spot

    I know there is endless hype around AI. And as I've said previously AI chatbots are nothing more than a next-word-prediction algorithm (that loves to lie). But sometimes when you mix different AIs together, you get something really funny. Enter Reddit user SharpCartographer831 and their AI-Generated pizza commercial. This person used a series of AIs…

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