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  • The Full Starcruiser Story

    Disney finally called Uncle on its immersive Galactic Starcruiser experience. For those unaware, it was a 3-day stay on a "starship" in Florida with a visit to Baatu (AKA Galaxy's Edge) but cost about $5,000. It looked amazing but ultimately it closed. So what was it like to be on board? YouTube channel Ordinary Adventures…

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  • Apple Adopts RCS

    Color me more than surprised about this out-of-nowhere announcement from Apple. Let's cut to the chase: late next year Apple will replace SMS with RCS on iPhone later next year. I have thoughts. Firstly, this is not replacing iMessage. There will still be green bubbles. iMessage will still be the default when messaging another person…

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  • East Coast vs West Coast Butter

    Generally, we think of coastal rivalries involving sports teams or rappers, but in a twist, there is also a difference in the world of butter. That's right, butter, which I have never thought about in any way except when I need to use it or buy more, has a whole different look on depending on…

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  • The WhyMac

    Apple's transition to their own in-house chips, Apple Silicon, has been a humongous boon for the Mac. For years the Intel-powered computers were good but Apple was at the mercy of Intel's roadmap. And many times it was underwhelming. The first M1 computers were stellar in every way, none more striking than the redesigned iMac.…

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  • Hard Rock Lobster

    If you could take two very different genres of bands and mix them together, what would it sound like? Mac Glocky over on YouTube has done just that. He has combined the B-52's classic Rock Lobster with the sound of System of a Down. Yes, that 'System' which has such amazing songs as Chop Suey…

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  • DNA Insecurity

    Reinforcing my number one reason I won't enroll in the CLEAR program for flying or to ever submit my DNA for genetic testing is this report from Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai over at TechCrunch detailing 23andMe's data breach. The same hacker who leaked a trove of user data stolen from the genetic testing company 23andMe two weeks…

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