Every State’s Favorite Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the best desserts out there. There are enough flavors being made all over that there is truly something for everyone's tastes. But, like most food, cultural and geographic differences can change what is popular. We can now see, thanks to the Top agency, how each state in the US stacks up against the others.

TOP Agency

Top Data team analyzed digital commerce trends in 2022 to determine the most searched ice cream flavors in America.

Looking through Top's analysis of search data, we get some interesting results. Rocky Road is quite popular, along with Strawberry. One I didn't see coming was Neapolitan, which is the classic chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry not-quite mixed together in a single carton. I'm personally not a fan, but people in Wisconsin and other states would surely disagree with me.

You can see the full breakdown here and find out how your state stacks up.

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