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TimeMachiner tickles my technological curiosity. Aaron’s take on trends, gadgets, services, shows, etc. aligns closely with mine so it’s like talking with a friend.

Jeff Stoner
Systems Design Manager

TimeMachiner is a great way to break up the workday and enjoy a fun perspective on all things tech (modern and retro), gadgetry, and media that appeals to the geek in all of us.


Duffman Spokesperson, Graphic Designer, and Web Developer
Ken S photo

TBH I am not a newsletter type of person. I try to keep non-work related emails to a minimum but Aaron’s work is amazing and worth breaking the rule for. In fact, I look forward to getting his emails.

Ken S.
Harrison Group International

I always learn something new and interesting from the TimeMachiner. It’s one of my favorite newsletters.

John Kuempel
Ironic Luddite

TimeMachiner is a delightful mix of tech nostalgia and current tech news. It’s easy to digest, fun to read and I look forward to it in my inbox. One of my favorite newsletters to learn and keep current.

Jess Porec
Ops & Marketing at Workfrom

Twenty One Years and Waiting:
The Fans Keeping Sliders Alive

What do you do when your favorite TV show is canceled? You rally the fans together.

That's how Thomas Birchfield got over four thousand signatures on his petition.

It's something unfathomable for Sliders, a niche tv show that struggled to remain on the air throughout its run. How did a thrice-canceled show manage to live on two decades since its cliffhanger ending?

It took a lot of time.

The internet changed the course of Sliders' trajectory. It was a show on its way to obscurity but with the advent of social media and enthusiasm from the cast, things changed. Its scattered fans were brought together like never before. Now, it may be on the precipice of returning largely because of that fandom.

This is the story of how a niche television show struggled its way into the hearts of viewers and never let go.

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