Entire Maine Town Closed After Clerk Walks Out

From the "hell yeah" department, things are looking pretty dire for the town of Passadumkeag, Maine. This small town has had a clerk working in the town's offices. It's now in the past tense because she walked off the job over denied vacation. Jhanvi Mehtalia has more of how a single person literally shut a town down.

Christen Bouchard was the town clerk in Passadumkeag, Maine, since 2020. She requested a two-week vacation about a month and a half ago. Her plea was denied by the board of selectmen. They claimed that no one was available to step in for her.

She left on April 7. The town has had no one to register vehicles, keep crucial records, or communicate with the state Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

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As of April 19, the town closed its offices because nobody is there to handle any of their business. It's laughable how amazing this is. Ms. Bouchard is an inspiration! Imagine having the position to tell your boss "If you don't approve my vacation, I will shut down this town."

Apparently, Passadumkeag has been mismanaged for years and even had its recent budget vote denied by residents. A complete cluster fuck, but one with a seriously-awesome, badass clerk. I hope her vacation was the best one of her entire life. She certainly earned it.

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