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For over a year and a half I've been pining to see Back to the Future: The Musical ever since it debuted on Broadway here in NY back in October, '22. But life usually has other plans. Finally though after waiting over a year, this past weekend my fiancé and I headed to Broadway. For me it was seeing new 'Future' for the first time since experiencing BTTF: The Ride in 2000.

BTTF: The Musical is not a reboot or Part: IV or any other breaking of The Pact co-creators Bobs Gale & Zemeckis have always made. The musical is a reinterpretation to show the first film in a new way. It still takes place in 1985 and still follows the main story of Marty McFly endangering his own existence. Some parts have been changed and others strengthened and to this BTTF purist, I welcomed all of it.

For starters, the show was not a 1-for-1 recreation of the movie to simply be live. It also kept close to the core threads that have made this trilogy endure for over 35 years. There's many nods to the audience and small jokes between Doc and Marty that allow for some laughs. Parts of their dynamic come out that you simply can't get from a movie.

BTTF:TM opened in London in the West End and I was disappointed I couldn't get the opportunity to see it. As soon as it was coming to the states, I was so excited and I cannot stress enough how fun it was. Hearing the main theme overture to open the show was invigorating. The music never let up. The actors were spot on. The pace was perfect. And the most important thing to me was I never stopped to say "hey, that shouldn't be here" or any nitpicks.

The real star of the show is absolutely the Delorean. While not a real Delorean on stage, it's a fantastic stage prop that has incredible lighting, styling, and looks as much stage-ready as the actors. Through a mix of creative lighting, projections, and mechanics, the car comes to life. I won't say more of those details because I could never do it justice. It has to be experienced.

The wait to see BTTF:TM was worth it and my only regret was not being able to go sooner. The icing on the cake was seeing co-creator Bob Gale was in attendance. I took the opportunity after the show to say hello and get a quick selfie with him. He was incredibly gracious and happy to oblige my request. To a lifelong Future fan like me, it was the cherry on top of a night to remember.

I don't consider myself a broadway buff or someone who's really into the theatre. Given I've lived in New York my entire life, of course I've seen a few Broadway shows but nothing will ever top this experience. Yes I'm biased and partial. And yes I'd love to see it again.

If you're ever in London or New York and have the chance, I cannot recommend BTTF:TM enough. If you can't make it, the show is going on tour beginning in June of this year. Perhaps the Delorean will come to a town near you.

Thanks for reading. Now, onto the rest of today's issue.

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