Back To The Broadway

For over a year the production of Back To The Future: The Musical has been running in London's West End. The production, which was written and handled by Bob Gale, has won awards and overall praise from people who have watched the show. Now, the DeLorean is flying across the pond to New York. Back To The Future: The Musical will be on Broadway in 2023. Jeremy Mathai at SlashFilm has more.

The hit time travel movie, starring the unparalleled Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, has been turned into a musical before, as we previously wrote about here. That came into being with Zemeckis' and writer Bob Gale's blessing, though it was only made available on the stage in the West End of London.

That's about to change in a big way, however, as "Back to the Future: The Musical" is set to hit the bright lights of Broadway. The official "Back to the Future" Twitter account made the exciting announcement directing potential viewers to make plans to buy advanced tickets for the musical play that will arrive in 2023.


I've seen some clips of the show on YouTube and heard some of the music. The show seems fun, energetic, and most important: has the blessing of "the Bobs" who are extremely protective of BTTF as a whole. It is only with their foresight to include veto power in their contracts that the franchise has been protected from the endless reboots and reimaginings that Hollywood loves to do.

Of course, living in NY, I put myself on their mailing list right away. This will be one of my top things to do next year as soon as the show opens.