The Full Starcruiser Story

Disney finally called Uncle on its immersive Galactic Starcruiser experience. For those unaware, it was a 3-day stay on a "starship" in Florida with a visit to Baatu (AKA Galaxy's Edge) but cost about $5,000. It looked amazing but ultimately it closed. So what was it like to be on board? YouTube channel Ordinary Adventures has you covered.

Over the course of four visits, channel hosts Kitra and Peter filmed and cut together the entire experience. This spans across the 4 storylines you could participate in: Jedi, Resistance, First Order, or Smuggler. The complete video is four hours but immensely comprehensive.

We knew this would be a top-tier experience filled with tons of nods to the Star Wars universe. However, what strikes me as amazing are the myriad of intimate experiences most will never see. One scene has Kitra in a garden speaking to a crew member that can wield the force. It's a small experience where he helps her hone her abilities. If six people were around, it would be a lot. Another are conversations with the main smuggler who is speaking about a stone that is important to him.

It is impressive to see such dedication in the cast members to make sure that every single moment "aboard" is filled with something you'll remember. Even if it is an experience built for only a few people, it fills in the gaps. What strikes me the most is how great this experience would be if Disney would have only lowered the price. If it could have halved it, I think many (including myself) would be able to swing such an experience. But in the end, asking the prices they did, even lowering those prices a bit did not do the trick.

The Galactic Starcruiser is officially closed but seeing the story of this defunct attraction gives you the next best thing. While the video is quite long, it is great to watch because you see how each storyline progresses and then culminate at the end for the big finalè.

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