Vegas is no stranger to spectacle. The whole town is about excess, but there's something that is jaw-dropping even in a place numb to the idea. A new venue called The Sphere is spinning things in a new direction. The building is a giant round venue that holds over 18,000 people and is lined inside and out with huge screens and LEDs. Together this takes a concert and turns it into an experience.

Legendary band U2 opened the venue the other day and there is no shortage of video on YouTube. One is linked below. It's not only the incredible views from the seats that make the Sphere great but the fact that as a band performs, you're transported wherever they desire.

While it may be partially the brainchild of bumbling NBA owner James Dolan it has to be said that in a world filled with thousands of concert venues, the idea and execution of something completely different has a lot of merit. U2 will call the place home until December and I'm sure it will not disappoint.

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