Like and Subscribe for Course Credit

YouTube has really taken over our world for entertainment in quick bites, personalities you get to know, and a wealth of knowledge on fixing and operating stuff. YouTube is everywhere and is an important archive of so much information. Now in a super interesting twist, YouTube has announced Study Hall, a collaboration with ASU to earn college credits. Sound crazy? Chase DiBenedetto at Mashable explains why it makes perfect sense.

While all Study Hall videos are free to watch on YouTube, individuals can also enroll in associated courses created by Crash Course and Arizona State University educators to earn credits and build a transcript. The current offering of four "College Foundations" courses will begin on March 7, 2023, and covers postsecondary basics, such as English composition, college math, U.S. history, and human communication. Enrollment fees are $25 per course, with an added $400 registration fee to receive credits. Those who sign up before March 7, 2023, can register for $350 per course.

According to YouTube, the number of credits that will be accessible through Study Hall once it is fully implemented will amount to an entire first year of study at most colleges, and the price is "less than one-third of the average course cost at a public four-year university." Classes can be retaken as many times as the individual needs, and enrollment doesn't require a minimum GPA or even an application. Eligible students who wish to apply their Study Hall experience toward a degree may pursue admission to ASU through its Earned Admissions program or transfer to any institution that accepts credits from Arizona State University.


This reminds me of the full semester of application development courses Stanford released online years ago. They provided recorded classes and all the downloadable materials. Oh, and it was all completely free.

That program turned into iTunes U and was an early entry into fully-online learning. Given the amount of "I learned this on YouTube" experiences we have in our lives, this makes perfect sense to offer true educational materials there. Just don't forget to Like and Subscribe.