Sports Sans BS

Sometimes the way the web used to be is something we long for. That looks to be the concept behind Plain Text Sports. This website does one thing and one thing only: show sports scores in plain text.

I came across Plain Text Sports on Twitter when apparently the developer CodeIsTheEnd decided he could do it better than ESPN, Yahoo, or even the leagues themselves. And honestly, I think it's awesome.

The page is sparse and laid out in a very simple fashion. But, as advertised, there's no nonsense to be found. The developer's code has all you need to know what is going on with the game you're interested in. In his words, there's "No ads, no loading, just plain text sports."

I wish I had more to say about the site, but it's so simple that just enjoying it for what it is, is enough. Now, I have to wait for the NHL to resume so I can give this cool site a try when October rolls around.