That’s Not My Dog In My Bed

Imagine waking up and feeling your dog in your bed. You roll around a little but when you sit up, you see something really weird: the dog laying next to you isn't yours. Sounds crazy, right? Well, that's exactly what happened to the Johnsons over in Benton, TN. Here's more from the CBC.

The interloper was "big, brown and furry," Johnson said, and most importantly, "absolutely not my dog."

"I rolled over and I stared [at my husband] and he stared at me, and we were like, is this going to hurt us? You know, what do we do? Where did this come from? Within a few seconds, we realized that we were fine and there was no harm. But it was a very weird couple of minutes waking up."


After some posting to Facebook and waiting, they got a call from Nala's owner. Apparently, Nala is quite the escape artist and does this often. As to how Nala actually gained entry into the Johnson's home? It seems to be as simple as Mr. Johnson letting the dogs out in the middle of the night and Nala slipping in under the cover of the dark. It was a rainy night, so it was easy for her to slip in unheard.

This is another fun story and this one has a happy ending. Nala is back at her correct home but is welcome back to the Johnson's home any day.

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