Christiansburg Sign War

Some friendly competition is happening with multiple stores over in Christiansburg, Virginia. In recent weeks many local shops have begun flinging lighthearted and funny "insults" toward one another. Jen Cardone over at WHSV has more.

The Christiansburg Sign War started as a friendly business sign competition. The first two businesses to fire the first shots were a music and shoe store that inspired others to get into the game.

Now, more than 13,000 people on Facebook are sitting on the edge of their seats to see what businesses will post next.

The war began when Jim Bohon, a guitar and drum teacher at Bridge Kaldro Music, wanted to start a little friendly sign competition with neighbor Super Shoes. The sign read, “Hey Super Shoes! Wanna start a sign war?!”


What started as a 'war' between the music and shoe stores has now expanded. The local asian restaurant, pharmacy, and others have joined in the fun. Even better, a website was set up to sell "Christiansburg Sign War" swag to raise money for charity.

It's fantastic to see businesses come together. This does something good for the community and lets everyone have some fun in the process.

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