But Tesla Doesn’t Need a PR Dept

Tesla has been applauded for many things. They were the first to make a legit EV that is 'sexy'. They had the foresight to know people wanted a reliable charging infrastructure and built one. Elon Musk has become a Founder / CEO visionary-type that uses charisma to get things done. But Tesla also has a lot going against it. Racism seems to be one of those. Lawrence Hodge reports on this at Jalopnik

Three workers and their accounts are detailed in a lawsuit that was filed February 9 in the California Superior Court in Alameda. With over 4,000 Black workers (both current and former), the LA Times says it’s the largest discrimination suit in state history.

One mom working two jobs, Monica Chatman, started at Tesla in ‘16 after leaving FedEx. She says she made $19.50 an hour driving a forklift with car parts. She claims that Black workers were routinely made to do the hardest work tasks, calling it “modern-day slavery.”


Elon Musk has said that Tesla has no PR department and spends no money on advertising. We've learned that he is unpredictable. It's becoming well-known that Tesla has a lot of quality issues with their cars. Their Full Self Driving feature is pie in the sky, at best. All of this can be chalked up to someone who is erratic and trying to recreate Steve Jobs' famous "reality distortion field" but the way Tesla has treated their workers is shameful.

It's one thing to make a car that is very desirable. It's another to do anything you can to make people not want to buy it.