Tesla Thinks Their Customers Are Stupid

People have praised Tesla's buying experience for years. It's unconventional and one the company isn't even legally allowed to offer in every state. No dealerships, no haggling, no nonsense. You configure your car online and it's ready for delivery or pickup when it's ready. Unfortunately the dreaded supply chain / chip shortage has caused Tesla to be short some key parts for their cars. But, they forgot to tell their customers.

In some cases, there are only holes where the USB ports are supposed to be. That’s purportedly what’s been happening to some Tesla owners who got their cars delivered in November, and it is probably not pleasant.


It's pretty shitty of a company that's expecting you to drop $40k+ on their car to not even have the decency to inform you the USB ports are missing. But, you know, there's holes where they will go. Cue groaning. I completely get a car not being ready for delivery and Tesla even saying "It's good enough, just deliver it" because at the end of the day, it's a feature on a car. Yes it's one you paid for, but it is not a deal-breaker.

Maybe Elon Musk should spend less time manipulating crypto currencies & tweeting stupid crap and focus on actual productive things related to the companies bankrolling his fortune. Not having the decency to inform you of the missing component however is. Shame on Tesla.