The Right Pucking Thing

The NHL expanded into Seattle, Washington over the summer with a new team called the Kraken. For a trainer on the Vancouver Canucks, this business decision for the league has literally saved his life. At an October game where the Canucks visited Seattle, Nadia Popovici, a Vancouver fan, spotted something wrong with Brian Hamilton's neck.

Popovici had written a note on her phone that said she was concerned about a mole she’d noticed on his neck. She made the text on the screen large and colourful, obviously hoping he’d notice it. He finally saw it but didn’t think much of it initially.

The Province

A few days after the game, Hamilton consulted with the team doctor and then went to a specialist, who said it was cancerous. It was removed and according to the doctors it would have been a life-threatening situation if he had neglected it for another few years.

It took some time for Hamilton to track Popovici down, but when he did he thanked her. Both the Kraken and Canucks donated $10,000 to her for her medical school expenses. Talk about good deeds spawning more good deeds. Kudos to everyone.