A Whole Lot of Nothing

Read to the end for a post about too many books.

Hey, it's been a few weeks! So, welcome back. TimeMachiner is a labor of love for me. But part of that is balancing my personal life, job, etc, with writing and running this place. I love doing it and it's fantastic. No, this isn't a goodbye or announcement of any sort. TimeMachiner isn't going anywhere. What is happening is my time balance right now is... out of balance? Let me explain.

I love finding random stuff online. That turned into TimeMachiner. But it's something I do with the free time I generally have. Right now, that time has been swallowed nearly-whole with life. Kids doing sports things, life happenings, work being a bit more busy; it all chips away at time available for TimeMachiner. After missing an issue 2 weeks ago I thought I would write one post per day to start up a backlog (this worked splendidly in '22) in order to not miss a deadline... and then I wrote nothing. In fact, these words are being written on Monday evening in order to make sure I have something to send out.

So what does this all mean? I'm not sure. Some issues here may be real short for a bit. Some weeks may get skipped. And in some (and I hope most) instances I can get the time and mental space to bring you what you enjoy reading. My goal is to give you a quick lightning round of stuff I've found when an issue is going to be short. For today, I'm talking below about fast food and then you get the post of the week. It's not perfect, but I'd rather deliver something worthwhile than nothing at all. So many of you support my work and I don't want that to be something that's lost in all this. You deserve to have me write for you.

My hope is in the coming months I'll free up a bit more and anything I have going on will fade into the background enough where I can write more. When that happens, it'll just happen because it'll feel like old times here.

So that's what I've got for today. I hope you can stick around as best as you can and enjoy the randomness (slim issues or not) for the time being.

Thanks for reading. Now, onto the rest of today's issue.

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