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If the eclipse of 2024 wasn't a reason to get back to TimeMachiner, I don't know what else would. So, here I am! 👋🏻

The eclipse has been known for many months and it's been a hyped event. As I learned from my fiancé earlier, apparently solar eclipse's happen all the time. But... they're not always visible from land. What makes this one special is the long band of totality that spans such a wide swath of land. On top of it all, it touches some parts of all North American countries in one go.

Here in New York I'm not fortunate to live north enough to get totality but here on Long Island we got about 85%. It was very cool and while it did get a bit dark out, it wasn't too much. And yes, I did have my eclipse glasses on, unlike my neighbor who is looking at the sky as I write this without anything on her eyes. Darwinism in action.

For an 80s kid such as myself, I also link an eclipse with the movie-from-a-play Little Shop of Horrors. I grew up on this movie and still love it. Even in my head I hear the melody to-tal e-clipse of the sun! 🔔 because it's iconic. The movie and play are both amazing but Rick Moranis, Steve Martin, and the entire cast were amazing. So, just be aware of strange and unusual plants that may be around now that the eclipse is over. If someone offers to sell it to you for $1.95, just walk away.

I believe we won't get another large eclipse here in the US to this level for a very long time. So in that regard, I am happy I was able to view it and enjoy taking photos of it via holding my glasses up to my iPhone camera. They're not nearly NASA level photography, but it'll do.

Thanks for reading. Now, onto the rest of today's issue.

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