A Roller Coaster For One

For those of you that enjoy theme park rides then you'll want to check this out. The Massachusetts Museum of Modern Art in North Adams faced a daunting challenge: how to occupy an expansive space with a creation that would captivate visitors. To solve this provlem, they turned to the talents of Los Angeles-based artist E.J. Hill. His interactive sculpture called the "Break Run Helix" exhibit built in 2022, is an imaginative exploration inspired by the whimsy of backyard roller coasters. But, this isn't your typical theme park ride. The experience is designed for a single rider, allowing only one person per hour to ride on the artwork. You can check it out in the video below.

Participating in the "Break Run Helix" is akin to stepping into the spotlight of your very own live theater performance. The coaster starts with a 12-foot drop and then you ride along 260 feet of winding track. The idea is that you actually become part of the exhibit and you are on display for its short run that lasts less than a minute. Limiting it even more is a ticking clock. The exhibit is set to be dismantled on February 11, providing a limited 18-month window for enthusiasts to seize the chance to ride it. This means only 2,000 are slots available and then it's over.

It looks really fun to ride and becoming a part of the exhibit surely is something most people could not put down as part of a 'unique life experience'. If you're in the Massachusetts area, this is a cool piece of art to check out before it's gone for good.

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