Airport Squirrels

Squirrels may be just another part of nature walks or excitement out a window, but here's something quite fascinating: a group is dedicated to helping the European Ground Squirrel population thrive. And one of its most thriving and last spots is at Bratislava Airport in Slovakia.

An airport may sound like an odd place to have a thriving colony of squirrels. But the video from Mossy Earth goes into many details as to why this is. Mainly the land around an airport is clear but untouched by people due to the nature of how an airfield needs to operate. Because of this, the rescue group is using the location as its main base to seed other colonies. And it's working. Overall more than 800 squirrels were moved to new homes.

The video is about 15-minutes long and has fascinating information, goals, and lots of squirrels. From coming up with the 'how' to executing on the plan, it's a fun watch. If you're a squirrel lover (I know you're reading this!) you'll surely enjoy this one.

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