Ham & ISS

Leave it to creative and ambitious amateur radio operators to do things I never thought possible. Earlier this year an amateur radio operator was able to make contact with the International Space Station using nothing more than a handheld antenna. The radio operator, KB8M, recorded the interaction and it's below.

Also something very cool is the card shown at the end. A comment on Reddit sheds some light onto it.

For those unfamiliar with amateur radio, the card shown at 2:41 of the video is a QSL Card. These are little post cards that are normally sent through the mail to confirm that a two-way communication took place.
These normally have details about the location and construction of the radio facility. But in this case, there's a summary of the construction of the space station! Finally, "73" (said by the guy in the video, and written on the QSL card by the astronaut) is a telegraph code for "Best Regards"