Even Netflix Doesn’t Want its DVDs Back

I know we all thought it was long gone already, but it's only now that Netflix is winding down its DVD rental service. Those once-ubiquitous red envelopes are no more and it's been a good run. But after this week, Netflix has informed customers still getting those round piece of plastic to simply keep 'em. Jay Peters at The Verge has more.

Netflix won’t charge DVD.com customers for any discs they still have after September 29th, the company announced. That generous offer, combined with Netflix’s recent announcement that it may send customers as many as 10 extra discs from their queues, means that some people might end up with a bunch of disc copies of movies, courtesy of Netflix.

DVD.com customers will need to visit a special link on DVD.com by August 29th to apply for the promotional offer. Netflix will then send up to 10 random discs based on the movies in the subscriber’s queue.

The Verge

We all knew years ago that streaming was the future and there was no real reason to keep renting DVDs through the mail. For starters, Blu-Ray is a lot better quality and I personally can't think of much of a reason why people would continue to use a DVD-by-Mail service in 2023. But, if Netflix didn't have any customers right now, they would've shut it down long ago.

If you happen to be one of those people, enjoy getting some freebies to add to your permanent collection.

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