The Prop House where One Of a Kind Props Sit in Filing Cabinets

Every movie needs "stuff" to tell its story. Actors convey the lines and the crew films it, but the "stuff" is what everyone interacts with. Of course, we know them as props, and some are quite famous.

Adam Savage, best known for Mythbusters, filmed a visit to The Earl Hayes Press, which is a shop that has been printing props for over a hundred years. Alone, that is a really cool place, but kicking things up a notch is his interview with Michael Corrie, who's an archivist at the shop.

Corrie details how some valuable and one-of-a-kind items were found sitting in filing cabinets, on shelves under a massive workbench, and even rolled and stuffed behind heating pipes.

The whole time, Adam and Michael explore the rich history of The Earl Hayes Press and its invaluable collection of printed items. As they navigate through the shop, we see treasures that have been tucked away for decades. You also get to see the attention to detail that goes into creating these items that contribute to immersive worlds on the silver screen. The Earl Hayes Press is not just a prop shop; it's a time capsule that encapsulates the magic and artistry of the film industry.

It's a fantastic video for anyone who loves movies.

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