While the Summer of Grimace is fading away, there's one thing McDonald's is very good at: merchandising and creating products people want. Whether it's food in the aforementioned Grimace Shake or a Happy Meal for adults, it's a company that gets people in the door for a variety of reasons. But the little-known McD's-run Smilemakers site lets you browse and purchase merch straight from the company itself.

Smilemakers is generally geared toward restaurant operators and managers to provide shirts, pins, accessories, and awards for employees. But the site is open to the public. Right now, there is a Heritage Collection with super-retro designs like the talking McNuggets and the cast of characters we all knew and loved in the 70s and 80s. There's a set of pins with the talking drink, fries, and burger, which apparently the trio is named the Food Buddies. Who knew!?!?

I know this can sound like a sponsored post, but you'll see the links above have no affiliate info or tracking. They go straight to the site, and it's a great trip down memory lane simply to browse. I don't get any kickbacks from McDonald's nor do they even know I'm posting this.

When it comes to unique and humorous phone chargers, one product that stands out is the Fry Box wireless charger. This quirky thing resembles a classic fast-food fry box, complete with the iconic red and yellow design. If you're in need of a funny yet not really prestigious award, look no further than the 3D Arches Award. I think it would be a funny gag gift.

It's kinda crazy how much stuff the company offers. It's fun simply to scroll through the offerings without opening your wallet at all.