Fearless Rollerbladers

While some of the most 90s things ever are cheesy commercials about the fledgling internet and Microsoft trying to be cool, there's another thing that was everywhere back then: Rollerblading. If you've ever seen the movie Hackers you know the crew always traveled by in-line skates.

Our trip down memory lane features Ryan Jacklone, one of the pioneer aggressive roller skaters. Jacklone loves skating all over NYC, in and out of traffic, and basically doing what most 90s kids did: scoff at any limits placed on skating.

Jackone's style is what eventually became X-Games and the alternative competitive style of skating competition. This three-minute video from filmmaker David Hoffman features Jacklone and his style back when all of this was super new.

Jacklone is still in the scene and seen as a pioneer in the alternative sports world. He appeared on the Jump Street podcast a few years ago to talk about those early days. It's a great listen if you want a deeper dive.

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