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A quick programming note: Last week's Chromebook story had an issue where it was not in the early edition of the newsletter. Sorry about that. I've included it again today.

It's difficult to not talk MORE about Apple's announced headset from yesterday, but I'll refrain because I have all my thoughts in today's top item below. Instead, here's a lightning round of interesting stuff going on:

First, I finished Ted Lasso and I will say this: love or hate the ending, it is a relief when a show ends when it should. It didn't go on for too many seasons or with major characters leaving or getting axed too early. It was planned for 3 seasons and we got 3 seasons. A nice bow on it all. Personally, I thought the ending was an hour of goodbyes and a bit flat but it wrapped it up as best it could.

Zelda, Zelda, Zelda. I'm 45 hours into Tears of the Kingdom and it's insane how much there is to explore in this game. In addition to adding an entire Sky area into the game, Nintendo also added "The Depths". This fully-underground part of Hyrule Kingdom was something I'd forgotten about until I realized I need to explore that area to help level up my abilities. It's already holding the record for fastest Nintendo game ever and it sold 10 million copies in 3 days. It's absolutely worth it.

One great album from last year I'm really enjoying is Surrender by Maggie Rogers. It's something a bit different with some rock, some pop, some grit, and a kickass voice. I picked it up on vinyl a few months ago and love spinning it. I can't recommend it enough. Here's a link to hear it on Apple Music.

Finally, I realized in all my talking about giving the audio version of my story Chrono Virus to members, I never told you what the book is about. Whoops! So here it is:

It was supposed to be just another cargo run, but for Ken Mallory and the three-person crew of the Raven, an anomaly in deep space changes everything. An unexplained turbulence shakes the small ship like never before, allowing a deadly virus aboard. One by one the infected crew is thrown back in time to relive a near-death experience, only this time death may be closer than they remember.

If that sounds like something up your alley It's available to ALL members here.

Thank you for reading. I sincerely appreciate it.


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