Phone Crocs

Crocs are all the rage right now. Collabs with 7-Eleven and Wu-Tang Clan are some of the unforeseen ways in which these kinda-ugly clogs have struck gold. Hoping to piggyback onto this trend is smartphone case maker Casetify which has launched a series of iPhone cases that resemble Crocs shoes, with 13-14 holes designed to hold pushpins that are sold in sets of five. Sounds crazy, right? Sarah Perez has more of this absolutely real line of cases.

We regret/are happy to inform you that these cases are real. We have them in hand and have put them through their paces.

Here’s what we can report. The cases themselves come in black, lavender, cream and pink. They’re soft and flexible with their silicone finishings, as described. They also have bumpers on the corners and the promised raised bezel to help protect the screen. Casetify says they provide up to 4 feet of drop protection.

But of course, no one is buying these cases for their protection capabilities. They’re buying them for the “aesthetic” if they’re buying them at all.

Available only for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, the cases have either 13 to 14 holes designed to hold the pushpins. These are sold in sets of five pins that sell for $22 — this is not a cheap joke to participate in!


The pushpins, which are akin to Crocs' Jibbitz, are available in sets such as a “cottage core” (it has a mushroom and a snail) and a “diner breakfast” set with butter, toast, smiley face, and more. And just like the upsell on Crocs is the accessories, these pushpins are to be mixed and matched with Casetify planning to release more pin sets and cases in the future.

Funny enough, Butter and toast are among the food-related items in the pushpin sets, which according to Casetify, sell really well. While I can mock Casetify (and Crocs) all I want, the truth is that they sell like mad and Crocs is one of the few companies to have a "pandemic boost" and come out the other side with a healthy customer base.

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