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I know there is endless hype around AI. And as I've said previously AI chatbots are nothing more than a next-word-prediction algorithm (that loves to lie). But sometimes when you mix different AIs together, you get something really funny.

Enter Reddit user SharpCartographer831 and their AI-Generated pizza commercial. This person used a series of AIs to write the script, do the voiceover, and generate the video for a 30-second ad.

It's incredibly weird, creepy, and funny because it's so random and dumb. But in some weird way, it works.

One thing that didn't even occur to me is the time it would take to actually film something like this. One person commenting on this video breaks it down as follows:

So, my perspective as someone who works with video for a living...

The field of photography and videography is going to be completely upended within the year.

This video right here, the dude said took him 3 hours to make everything. To shoot this you'd be looking at like two days shooting multiple locations, multiple time of day. Then you have to book actors to play those roles and co-ordinate everyone's schedules, that's a full time job itself.

Then you gotta hire someone to do the voice over. And finally an editor.

Anyway, doing it all with one person and an AI in 3 hours is orders of magnitude cheaper.


They're not wrong. This AI stuff is funny right now because of how ridiculous it can be. But the technology is continuously improving and that means a 3-hour job now to make this will eventually become a 30-minute job to create something worthy of airing for real.

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