AI Attempts Seinfeld Recreation

Nothing, Forever is an AI-generated stream that recreates Seinfeld, the hit 90s sitcom, with a fully-automated system. Created via machine learning and AI algorithms, the always-on show creates & delivers new content every minute on the fly.

"A Show About Nothing" is the only way to describe the 90s sitcom, Seinfeld. So, would an AI be up to this task? After all, they do go off the rails quite easily.

The result is Nothing, Forever, an AI-generated stream that sees how far a fully-automated system can recreate a show. The creators describe it as follows:

Nothing, Forever is a show about nothing, that happens forever. Kinda like popular sitcoms of the past, except that it never stops.

Nothing, Forever is always-on, runs 365 days of the year, and delivers new content every minute. Everything you see, hear, or experience (with the exception of the artwork and laugh track) is always brand-new content, generated via machine learning and AI algorithms.

Nothing, Forever's Twitch Page

Seinfeld was a blockbuster series that really had no plot. Creator Larry David's genius was writing a weekly comedy show about the mundane things we deal with on a daily basis. It was the characters that made it what it was, like all successful shows. This modern, experimental version uses both text and visual generative AI to create both the script and video on the fly.

Of course, it's random. Of course, it makes no sense. But in a world where AI is feared to "replace" a zillion things that will never actually come to pass, it's fun to see a project utilize this technology for what it truly is: something nonsensical.

Nothing, Forever runs 24/7/365 and can be streamed on Twitch's website here.