Jaws Bites the Box Office

You can't keep a good classic down. Leave it to the Spielberg movie that made everyone afraid of the water to make big bucks in a limited return to theaters. Recently national theater chains held a National Cinema Day event and movie tickets were a cool $3 to see a movie. Jaws ended up being a big draw. David Pierce at The Verge has more.

Playing in theaters around the country, the movie made about $2.6 million over the three-day weekend. That put it 10th for the weekend.

On a per-theater basis, Jaws actually outperformed every other movie in theaters this weekend. Not bad for a movie that originally hit theaters in 1975 — and only made about $7 million its opening weekend.

It surely helped Jaws’ case that the movie was shown in 3D and IMAX for the first time ever. The 3D experience, which stereographer Jeremy Carroll told The Hollywood Reporter was designed to “make you feel like you’re in the water,” has been getting rave reviews. “We can play out the stereo to make you feel like you’re really in the water with the characters and the kids that are playing,” Carroll said, which is about as good a case for 3D movies as you’re ever going to hear.

The Verge

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