Badass F-100

Ford's F-100 pickup truck is pretty iconic. The design was one that was around for a long time. It was popular and has a retro-cool look to it that only few vehicles can achieve. Now, Ford is doing something awesome: putting a Mach-E motor into it. Umar Shakir at The Verge tells us more.

Ford Performance, the automaker’s motorsports division, designed and commissioned the F-100 Eluminator and was built by MLe Racecars in Washington. And like many of Ford Performance’s other one-off projects, this F-100 won’t be available for purchase. It exists solely as an auto show car that displays what could be built using Ford’s $4,095 electric crate motor, which makes it easier to convert any old gas-guzzler into an electric car.

The Verge

Yes this 44-year old truck has 21st century tech in it. And it looks so freaking cool. White paint with copper accents and a tan door panel interior is freaking great. The key to all this is the crate motor Ford is putting on sale. This brings to the forefront something important about EVs: conversions and longevity. You can take any old gas car and restore it to driving condition. With an EV, if you can't get a battery anymore, that can be a problem. Same for replacement motors or if you want to electrify an ICE car.

For Ford, the crate motor means they're expanding into the DIY / aftermarket area. This should bring a lot of support and confidence to people looking to do some amazing things with older cars. Good on Ford for doing this because Tesla and GM have done nothing even close to this and I think it'll give them a big advange in the not-too-distant-future.