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Here's an interesting update on the most affordable cities to live in in 2022. This list, courtesy of Living Cozy, shows that Tulsa, Oklahoma is the most affordable place to score a 2-bedroom apartment. At under $900 per month, this is a steal compared to most places. Here's more of the breakdown from Ash Read.

Huge numbers of people do not own their own homes, renting them from landlords instead. There are many reasons why people might rent rather than buy, the foremost being the huge cost of purchasing your own property. Aside from that, renting gives people the flexibility to move home on short notice, making it easier for them to apply for jobs outside of their area and live in different parts of the country.

However, some cities are better for renters than others. Huge, bustling cities like NYC are highly sought-after, though often come with hefty price tags. This can leave you with a shoebox apartment and little to no living space or room for basic furniture. 

Living Cozy

It's true that the rent in New York will get you a square foot of space suitable for a squirrel, but it's also true that there is an inherent desire to live in a big city like NY or Atlanta. Remote work plays a huge role in the location now. Many who live in NY are ready to leave or have already left due to the costs.

Also, Tulsa has been incentivizing people to move there for a few years. Further on that breakdown Atlanta actually has the most job postings for a single location. Basically, it's expensive to live anywhere, but the way all the factors are shown here makes it a bit easier to decide where to go when one is looking for a change of scenery.

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