California’s Mushroom Kingdom

New theme park experiences are a big focus at Disney with the Galactic Starcruiser, Galaxy's Edge, and the new Avengers experience. Not to be outdone, Universal Studios opened Super Nintendo World in Osaka about a year ago. Now, they have announced this immersive experience is coming to their California theme park. A. Khalid at Engadget has more.

What can fans expect from the US park? The original Super Nintendo World in Osaka has a ride where fans can race on a life-sized Mario Kart course, as well as a slower ride on Yoshi’s island. While Universal representatives aren’t giving details on which rides are coming to Hollywood, it’s fair to say we can expect a heavy AR component and plenty of gamified experiences throughout the area.


A real-world Mario Kart driving ride is sure to be incredibly amazing. I could imagine an AR-like experience where you have some sort of glasses setup that you wear, allowing you to collect and use items like in the game. Toss a shell via AR at another car and maybe that person's car knows to slow down or stall for a moment before proceeding. I'm just spitballing here, but something like this would be amazing.

Nintendo and Universal are targeting 2023 for this to open. Based on how the Osaka location looks, I think this will be a major draw. If it's one thing Nintendo knows how to do, it's fun.