And We’re Calling It ‘Back To Office’

With COVID numbers falling across the country from Omicron's spread, many companies are calling their employees back to the office. Apple has pushed back their return date many times, but this time it may stick. Earlier this month they announced April 11th will begin the transition for employees to return. Kim Lyons at The Verge has more.

In the third week of the pilot, Cook writes, employees will come in twice a week, with the full hybrid pilot — where workers will come into the office on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and work “flexibly” on Wednesday and Friday — would go into effect May 23rd. The timing may vary from office to office depending on local conditions, Cook added.

The Verge

It's not unexpected that Apple would try again to bring everyone back to Apple Park and Infinite Loop. It's how they want to work and historically Apple has never been a workplace friendly to remote employees. Interestingly though, Apple IS changing to a hybrid workplace with two days remote being allowed going forward.

While I still think Apple employees have proven they can absolutely function while fully remote, I will give Apple a little credit for at least being somewhat flexible. I'm sure they will have talent walk because of this. And those employees rightfully should leave if that's what is best for them.

What this shows is more of the push-and-pull of companies wanting to get their people back to something that resembles the pre-COVID days against the push-and-pull of employees with newfound power over their careers. As outside pressure mounts to get employees back into an office, it continues to be an interesting observation as to where things will settle in the coming years.

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