Standing Still

Toyota has been a long-popular car manufacturer. However, lately, they're in the news for the wrong reasons. The car company announced that they have once again had to halt production of their cars due to a supplier getting hacked. Jonathan Gitlin at ArsTechnica has more.

Toyota is becoming quite the frequent target for hackers. It was compromised at least three times in 2019, including a malware attack in Australia, a breach of 3.1 million customers' data in Japan (and possibly Thailand and Vietnam), and a scam that cost a subsidiary $37 million.


Last year they were hacked through a US parts subsidiary, in an incident believed to be Russian in origin. With company after company getting hacked and finding themselves needing to either pay huge ransoms in cryptocurrency or have to do a massive cleanup, it's surprising to see that security isn't more widely-talked about in the overall manufacturing industry. The costs associated with preventing and securing companies along with their suppliers can easily outweigh the costs (PR and otherwise) of these big disruptions.