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My list of "Wow, that looks interesting" tv shows is growing. The newest one to add is Apple TV+'s Severence starring Adam Scott. Wyatte Grantham-Philips and Sasha Urban over at Variety reveal what the show is about.

From writer and creator Dan Erickson, “Severance” follows Mark Scout (Adam Scott), who leads a team at Lumon Industries — where employees have undergone a “severance procedure,” which surgically divides their memories between work and personal lives. Throughout the course of the series, the mysterious and chilling “work-life balance” experiment is called into question as Mark is forced to confront reality.


The show looks dark, gritty, dystopian, and of course mysterious. I find it fantastic that Apple has poured a lot into its TV+ offerings. Many derided and mocked it when they started but I've found a lot of good programming there. Aside from the mega-hit of Ted Lasso, I have loved Home Before Dark and Mythic Quest.

Severance begins on February 18th. You can watch the trailer here:

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