Chip Shortage Forces Canon to Call BS on Themselves

Canon makes printers. Printers suck. They have been awful for so long, as I've mentioned before. Every company who makes them tries to pull some nonsense regarding price, lock-in and ink levels. For years, ink and toner cartridges have shipped with chips in them. It was a form of security that forced customers to only buy their ink or toner. If a printer doesn't see the chip (because you've chosen to buy 3rd party ink), it gives you a hard time or will stop printing. That's worked fine and dandy... until we've hit a global chip shortage. Canon can't source the chips they need to sell their ink to their intentionally-locked-in customers. This by tweet @mariowitte is *chef's kiss*:

The English translation is: Wrong world: thanks to the lack of semiconductors, Canon is now apparently producing toner cartridges without "copy protection" and sending out e-mails to customers with instructions on how to bypass error messages about counterfeit cartridges.

And sure enough, here's a link to Canon's website explaining how to get around their printer ink lock-in nonsense. Your browser should be able to translate it without issue. So, while chip shortages suck, I'll call this a big win for consumers.