The Shell of Palm

Palm was a trailblazer in the late 90's and 2000's with great hardware. They were THE company with their Pilot line of PDAs and the Pre will forever live in nerds hearts (I'm looking at you Dieter Bohn). Palm's last gasp of air came not long before the calendar flipped to 2010. It exists in name only.

And that's where the Palm Buds Pro come in. Like Kodak, RCA, and Polaroid, Palm is a dead brand but continues to produce stuff crap that is simply tech products with the brand slapped on them. Samuel Polay over at InputMag reviewed Palm's $120 headphones.

Fundamentally, the Palm Buds Pro are cheap generic wireless earbuds with the Palm name slapped on, resold at a ridiculous markup. They feel cheap, sound cheap, and lack so many of the quality-of-life features that are commonplace for wireless earbuds at this price.

Palm Ventures, a company that licenses the Palm name from TCL, is not trying to sell a great product here. I honestly don’t know what the company wants other than to make money in exchange for almost nothing.

Samuel Polay at InputMag

If I had to venture a guess, I think Polay is saying these are a hard pass. AirPods they are not.

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