I’ve never been out of cream cheese for 30 years

“I’ve never been out of cream cheese for 30 years,” said Joseph Yemma, the owner of F&H Dairies in Brooklyn, a dairy product distributor for many of the city’s bagel shops. “There’s no end in sight.”

In interviews with owners and workers at about 20 bagel shops and delis across the city, many said they were frazzled, frustrated and rushing to find cream cheese after learning about the shortage in the past few days.

Absolute Bagels has enough cream cheese to last until Thursday, Mr. Patta said. But employees at his typical supplier told him they could not confirm when the next shipment would come in. Although he planned to check with other suppliers in the Bronx and Queens, he was still alarmed by what he was hearing.

“If we cannot find cream cheese, I worry now, what are we going to do?” Mr. Patta said.

NY Times

We've now reached peak 2021. If you want a crisis in New York, this is it. If you've never had a bagel here in NY, then know this: you get an extraordinary amount of cream cheese on your bagel. To the point where you almost have to scrape some off. Maybe it's time to ration things a bit and save some for everybody.