Pixel 6 Gets a Waitlist

An funny thing happened on the way to getting Pixel 6 phones out the door: Google has no inventory. The phone, which was announced only a couple weeks ago, seems difficult to obtain depending on the color, capacity, and carrier.

When visiting Google's store for the Pixel 6, you need to choose the normal or Pro model. Afterward you can go down the decision tree of carrier, capacity, and color of the Pixel 6 you want. Depending on what phone you choose, Google will tell you if there's a waitlist you can join. As of this writing, it's the Pro models when paired with Google's Fi service.

Chalk this up to either giant demand for Google's long-awaited return to higher-end Pixel phones or potentially the chip shortage. Either way, this is good news for Google. The Pixel is the first phone in a long time that is not a simple slab of glass on both sides. It doesn't try to be the iPhone or Galaxy. Google's ace though is its prices. At $600 and $900 respectively, the Pixel 6 has a leg-up on others, especially with this being the first year of Google's homegrown Tensor chip inside. I should also mention Google's commitment to 3-years of OS updates & 5 years of security updates. It's not quite to Apple's iOS support level, but I do like the strides Google is making on long-term support. This keeps more phones out of landfills.

If you're ready to upgrade your Android phone to the latest & greatest, the Pixel 6 is looking to be the best Android phone you can get.

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