It’s a Sock for Your AirPods

One of the silliest accessories Apple ever released were the iPod Socks. For $29 you could get a set of six socks for your iPod. It was weird but a fun accessory. I bought and still own my set (minus my green one which went missing) that came out in 2004. In today's modern time, NativeUnion has gone ahead and released "beanies" for your AirPods.

Our latest product is a tribute to one of the creations that’ve inspired our teams and the 10th anniversary of the visionary Steve Jobs’ passing. But more so, it’s just a fun way for us to share and connect with our community around a collective memory from simpler days. A whimsical play on why we do what we do. Meet the AirPods Beanies.


These are a classic callback to an iconic accessory, but this time for a product we all use now. While the iPod is long since retired from almost everyone's use, AirPods reign supreme. The beanies are fantastic looking. I think they're instantly recognizable when any Apple fan sees them. For $20, a set of four "beanies" can be yours. I may pick up a pair simply to compliment my socks.