Nokia 6310 Steps Out of the Time Machine

If there was a perfect example of news that hit the TimeMachiner trifecta (Tech, Culture, and Nostalgia) it’s this. Last week Nokia announced they’re bringing back one of their most iconic cell phones: the 6310. This candy bar style phone was one you saw everywhere in the early aughts. It was durable as hell, had great battery life, polyphonic ringtones!!, and was a great size to fit in a pocket.

More from the DailyMail:

There will be ‘subtle changes’ to mark the passing of 20 years of technological evolution, including bigger buttons and a zoomed in menu for ease of reading. It comes with a larger 2.8 inch 320×240 pixel screen, compared to the 1.8 inch 120×160 pixel screen found on the original and is on sale for £59.99.


Nokia is shipping the 6310 in a few colors and it has a whopping 21-day standby time, which seems otherworldly these days. It’ll have a polycarbonate body to keep that famous durability. The best part of the announcement: it’ll still include Snake.

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