Scarlett Johansson Gets Paid

Variety reports Scarlett Johansson and Disney have settled their lawsuit wherein Johansson claimed she was not being paid properly. The suit began with Black Widow's simultaneous release on Disney+ and theaters.

Johansson had accused Disney of reneging on its promise to do a traditional theatrical release for “Black Widow,” in favor of a simultaneous release on Disney Plus. The suit alleged that Johansson lost out on tens of millions of dollars in box office bonuses.


This lawsuit was an omission to September 2nd's Longform article wherein I talked about theatrical releases and Day One streaming of the same movie. The dispute had slipped my mind. This lawsuit is an important aspect to at-home streaming: terms with actors have to adjust to this new normal. Was Disney in the right? Should Scarlett Johansson sue? Who knows. She absolutely should be fairly paid. Disney looks like they tried to pull a fast one.

All I do know is the entertainment business (and many, many others) are in a state of upheaval. COVID has changed the game in more ways than we could've anticipated. I'm glad Johansson was able to settle her suit. While we don't know the terms, I hope she got a well-deserved payout for a movie that was fun to watch. Disney needs to do better next time.