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The Stream
The Saga of Jorts
January 14, 2022
A month ago on Reddit, a unique and quite funny story went viral. It is a tale of two cats at a workplace and their human owner asking if he’s in the wrong by how he talks about them. A user with a throwaway username (as is common to do…
Driving Fish
January 14, 2022
Yes, a real story from NPR details how researchers in Israel are teaching goldfish to operate a fish tank on wheels. This team is looking to explore whether animals’ ability to navigate are present only in their native environments or if their abilities exist everywhere. Researchers created the “fish operated…
CDs Bounce Back
January 13, 2022
Leave it to the constant march of time to give CDs a nostalgic resurgence. News out of Pitchfork, like it’s 1999, shows that 2021 was the first time CD’s have increased in sales in 17 years. Madison Bloom has the scoop: The top-10 CD sales list also includes Taylor Swift’s Evermore (213,000…
Cats Hold Blender Hostage
January 13, 2022
From the slow-news pages of The Washington Post comes this tail of a Canadian couple whose cats have made a blender box their own. Back in November Jessica and Nikii Gerson-Neeves bought a blender and their cats claimed it. One is always perched on it and the blender remains in…
Meta Breakup
January 12, 2022
Facebook can only dodge legal ramifications for the way they run their business for so long. The more they acquire companies, the more they try to hoover up people’s data, the more they think they can get away with anything, the bigger chances they’ll run afoul of the law. The…

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