Cats Hold Blender Hostage

From the slow-news pages of The Washington Post comes this tail of a Canadian couple whose cats have made a blender box their own. Back in November Jessica and Nikii Gerson-Neeves bought a blender and their cats claimed it. One is always perched on it and the blender remains in the box to this day.

Treats, decoy boxes and toys have been used, all for naught. The Gerson-Neeveses moved the box to a less-central area of the kitchen, hoping the change in geography would end the stalemate. But a cat remained on the box, on guard at all times. Jessica got up in the middle of the night to try to claim the box. Occupied.

“There is just something about the Vitamix box that just has really held their attention,” Jessica said. “At this point, it’s turned into something so much bigger than us.”

Washington Post

There's not much else to say about this. Perhaps it's best to call this blender a sacrifice to the cats and to simply buy another.

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