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The Stream

A good Tuesday to all. When I was scouring the web for interesting things to bring to you all, I realized something earlier today: it's all video this time. Yes, I've never shied away from sending interesting things that were from YouTube, but this time around, everything's coming up Millhouse.

So today is the "video edition" of TimeMachiner, which I still think has some great things that should give you a chuckle and also make you think a bit with some profound questions.

Speaking of interesting, here is a random one for you to ponder:

The first can opener wasn't invented until almost 50 years after the invention of the can.


That's it for today. Thank you for subscribing and reading my work. It means a lot. Hit that reply button to let me know anything you have to say about today's issue.

See you on Saturday.

-Aaron 👍🏻

Little Prince
Prince is one of the greatest modern musicians. His influence was huge and certainly, he left this planet way too early. But something that can bring a smile to music-lovers faces is this happy accident courtesy of WCCO’s archives. While viewing archive material to find teacher strike footage, a reporter’s…
More Runtime
Leave it to SNL to more succinctly get their point across than I can. You may remember back in February when I talked about movies being too long. It’s a problem that isn’t getting talked about nearly enough. Movies are easily coming in at two and a half hours, three…
Let Me Fix It
The Right To Repair movement is gaining steam, but it’s been a longstanding problem to overcome. The idea that if you buy something, you should be able to repair it seems simple. Of course, Apple and many other companies don’t want you to do that. This CBC investigation from 2018…
First To Find
Years ago, I don’t even know how, I learned about a weird treasure hunting game. Something called “Geocaching” was a game wherein you printed some GPS coordinates out and put them into your Garmin device. Then you worked to get to that location. Once there, you would find a cache…

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