Let Me Fix It

The Right To Repair movement is gaining steam, but it's been a longstanding problem to overcome. The idea that if you buy something, you should be able to repair it seems simple. Of course, Apple and many other companies don't want you to do that.

This CBC investigation from 2018 explains exactly why it's vital to allow someone to be able to fix their stuff. Louis Rossman and the people at iFixIt feature prominently in this investigation. It's intriguing to watch this and see where things were and where they stand now.

As someone who's cracked open a few MacBooks in order to repair them on my own, I can easily attest to the value of the work these (and others) are doing. I saved myself a boatload of money by buying some tools and the parts I needed, then viewing teardowns online. Hopefully, these methods will be a lot easier as time goes on.