First To Find

Years ago, I don't even know how, I learned about a weird treasure hunting game. Something called "Geocaching" was a game wherein you printed some GPS coordinates out and put them into your Garmin device. Then you worked to get to that location. Once there, you would find a cache that held items for trade and a logbook to sign.

Diving deep into the well of nostalgia is this video. On October 5, 2008 Dave Ulmer uploaded a recording of the first geocache which he hid on May 3, 2000 in Portland, Oregon. His "GPS Stash" was a bucket filled with some goodies, a logbook, and instructions on what to do when it was found.

I found my first Geocache in April of 2004 and I loved the idea. It was something where you felt like "this is crazy, nothing is here" and then lo and behold you would stumble upon a container. Today, Geocaches are all over the world and there's more than I can count.

Seeing this video after playing this game myself for so long is quite a treat. It's incredible to see Ulmer doing something that seemed so much of a "trying something new and different" thing. He could never know it would turn into a massive game played by people across the world. Sometimes a blast from the past is incredible to watch. This video meets that easily.

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