Like and Subscribe for Course Credit

YouTube has really taken over our world for entertainment in quick bites, personalities you get to know, and a wealth of knowledge on fixing and operating stuff. YouTube is everywhere and is an important archive of so much information. Now in a super interesting twist, YouTube has announced Study Hall, a collaboration with ASU to earn college credits. Sound crazy? Chase DiBenedetto at Mashable explains why it makes perfect sense. While all Study Hall videos are free to watch on YouTube, individuals can also enroll in associated courses created by Crash Course and Arizona State University educators to earn credits and build…

Beavers At Work

Cute animals never cease to capture attention. And for good reason: they’re cute. With everyone having high-quality cameras in their pockets and the proliferation of cameras set up on people’s properties, there is never an end to seeing nature in action. Dr. Holley Muraco who studies animal behavior posted this gem from her backyard to YouTube. A pair of rescue beavers in a muddy pool of water decided to do their beaver thing and get some work done. It’s four minutes of good stuff.

Doo-Wop With The Sickness

In a world where people are pretty gifted, leave it to the YouTube channel There I Ruined It to take a hard-hitting Disturbed song and completely change it. The channel posted this gem last week showcasing Disturbed’s hit song Down With The Sickness and morphed it into a doo-wop 50’s style song. It’s really good and this person is immensely talented. So have a listen for yourself and good luck getting this version out of your head.

It’s Glitter Time

December now can mean one sure thing on YouTube: Mark Rober puts out a Glitter Bomb video. This year has him iterating on his designs and rolling out version 4 of his Porch Pirate Bait. The idea is simple: invent a package that tempts thieves to steal it. When it opens, it wreaks havoc on those scummy people who stole it. Plain and simple. Oh and it records everything. Mark Rober has a great channel that makes science and engineering fun. This video in particular is always a great one. It’s now a December tradition.