Cooking With Brian Baumgartner

Brian Baumgartner’s character of Kevin from The Office is legendary. There are many reasons, but of course, his chili segment is The One that everyone remembers. Even Peacock put the recipe into its Terms of Service simply as an easter egg to see who’d notice. While The Office is long over, its popularity remains. In the Binging with Babish series on YouTube, Brian does some of his own series-inspired cooking. The 16-minute video is a fun look at how Kevin’s snacks on the show could actually be cooked and even if it’s a good idea. Baumgartner is a lot of…

The Lisa That Started It All

Every time Apple talks about its history during a keynote, they focus on the Macintosh. Its 1984 debut was industry-shifting. However, nearly every groundbreaking idea it embodied stood on the shoulders of its lesser-known predecessor. The Apple Lisa was a much-chunkier computer released 40 years ago. It was a complete flop. Apple poured boatloads of resources into its list of firsts: GUI, a mouse, menus, file systems, multiple apps, usability, and friendly computing. The Lisa was also incredibly expensive. The machine started at $9,995 (equivalent to $27,190 in 2021). But, without the Lisa, the Macintosh would never have been the success…

More People Reach the Tipping Point

Tipping. We all hate it. I’ve talked about it in the past. It’s out of hand and as time goes on, we’re seeing more examples of people that are simply over it. Last week I saw CBS Sunday Morning broach this topic. They even spoke to a ‘manners expert’ who also declared that tipping for something that isn’t a service should not be expected. This brings me to this CNBC video further goes over the overload we have reached with tipping, why it continues to be out of hand, and the fact that huge inflation will likely stop this trend…

Beavers At Work

Cute animals never cease to capture attention. And for good reason: they’re cute. With everyone having high-quality cameras in their pockets and the proliferation of cameras set up on people’s properties, there is never an end to seeing nature in action. Dr. Holley Muraco who studies animal behavior posted this gem from her backyard to YouTube. A pair of rescue beavers in a muddy pool of water decided to do their beaver thing and get some work done. It’s four minutes of good stuff.

Forbidden Island

Even though it’s 2023 and we think the world is extremely connected, there are still parts of the globe that are not only disconnected but visiting these locations could be deadly. YouTube channel RealLifeLore documents Sentinel Island, an isolated piece of land that is part of the Andaman Islands, and the local population is one that voluntarily isolates from the world. The Sentinelese protect their land from visitors by force and it’s even been recorded in the news how visitors will kill intruders. The fascinating part to me is how this (and other voluntarily isolated groups) on Earth are aware…

Roof Shark

Sometimes art can be subtle and other times it is expressive. Then there are the statement pieces that become icons. One such art installation is over in Oxford in the UK where a house has a shark crashing through a roof. Yes, you read that right: a shark crashing through a roof. Prolific YouTuber Tom Scott takes us to this block where a piece of art was installed without permission, the decades of fighting to get it removed, and the eventual acceptance of the piece. I just have one question: what happens when it rains??

Four Guys and Billie Jean

There are musicians and then there are musicians. Leave it to the Barcelona Guitar Trio to do something truly spectacular. This group of four men uses a single guitar to play Michael Jackson’s famous song, Billie Jean. It’s truly a sight to watch and listen to them play. The song sounds great and I could only imagine the immense practice they went through to put this performance together. You can watch the video here and if they allow it to be watched on other sites sometime in the future, you will be able to watch it directly below.

Emmanuel, Don’t Do It

Animals and internet videos are a great mix. Nothing new there. We’ve had countless animal videos go viral over the years. This time around we have an unusual species gain the TikTok spotlight: Emmanuel the emu. Taylor Blake runs a hobby farm called Knuckle Bump Farm. She has a variety of animals there and that includes Emmanuel the emu. Blake has posted over 200 videos to her TikTok account. Lately Emmanuel has decided to crash the party and hog the spotlight. @knucklebumpfarms Emmanuel and I wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU for all of the love and support!…

Eight Years of Concorde Testing

Once considered the future of aviation, the Concorde is now a notable part of flying history. However, it doesn’t stop the fascinating impact it had on air travel. Over on YouTube, the Imperial War Museum channel has a great video going over the history of the Concorde’s testing phases. The video interviews some of the original engineers of the airplane. Originally it was supposed to need a year of testing. It ended up taking eight before it was ready for commercial use. In that span, the cost and environmental blowback led to only Air France and British Airways taking their…

The Correct Fan Theory

Spoiler Warning if you’re not caught up on Stranger Things 4. If you haven’t watched it yet, skip this story. Back in 2016 the kids were doing an interview for the show. At one point, shown below, Gaten Matarazzo who plays Dustin, speaks of a fan theory as to what is going on in the Upside Down. Now here in 2022, it seems this was very much spot on. You can view the video directly on YouTube here: Well played 2016 Stranger Things fan who nailed this. Well played indeed.

29 Years of Popular Websites in 2 Minutes

I came across this fun video last week that visualizes the most popular websites using data going back to January 1993. In only two minutes and thirty-seven seconds, James Eagle’s video shows how much the web has changed in 29 years. Some notable items that caught my eye were just how dominant Yahoo was for a LONG TIME after it was considered subpar to Google. Yahoo held the top spot starting in July of 2000 when it overtook AOL. It took six years for Google to unseat Yahoo in May of 2006. I also love seeing the variety of search…

Man Absolutely Kills It Playing Everlong On Piano

Pianist Glaucio Cristelo, who goes by the name “Piano Rock” worked some magic on a piano at a Brazilian shopping mall. With over half a million views, his rendition of the Foo Fighters song Everlong is amazing to hear and watch. His channel is chock full of great songs. I highly recommend checking them out!